10/9/18 – Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law Passes House (SB 1090)

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman comments after the Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law passed the state House.

The proposed legislation, which focuses on prevention, enforcement and transparency in order to end hazing, was introduced by Senator Corman in March and first passed by the Senate in April.

The House amended Senate Bill 1090, meaning the bill will return to the Senate for another vote. Senator Corman said he will bring the amended bill to the full Senate for consideration next week.

The bill increases penalties for those involved in hazing; requires schools to have policies and reporting procedures in place to stop hazing; and ensures that parents and students are provided with information related to the issue. It also establishes clear-cut parameters on hazing for organizations such as fraternities and sororities.

According to the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing, there have been no convictions under the third-degree misdemeanor antihazing statute during the last decade that have resulted in anything more than probation. The low number of convictions under the antihazing statute is the result of most hazing-related activities being charged under a different, more substantive offense such as furnishing alcohol to minors or reckless endangerment.